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A fast and effective way to convert food deserts into food secure vertical gardens.

Silo Planters are field and yard compatible, raised planters that simplify the garden building process and are easy to maintain.

The rapid installation of lightweight frameworks allow for multiple planters activated within a short time period.

No land preparations required. Ideal for non-agricultural lands.

Expandable from ground level to high vertical greenhouse habitats.

Our silo planters can also be used for drying the harvest or storing. An optional built-in water reservoir comes with a rain catchment funnel installed on the roof zone.

All planters can be expanded into a rooftop garden zone, a mushroom dark-room, soil building bins, plant propagation, tree and bush enclosure combination, insectoriums, aquaculture/hydroponic applications and much more.



The hexagon field planter is a freestanding, wire mesh structure with the garden bins incorporated into the wall spaces to provide a solid construction frameworks that will last for many years.
The planter can be an open-air or enclosed by a wrap around coverage. It accepts clear, opaque to black-out wraps that clip onto the grid frameworks with easy on/off clips. Various thin films and insulation covers enable the planter to readily adapt to a wide range of weather challenges.
 As a capacity building endeavor, the field planters can add to the farm or yard productivity converting unused space as each 10×10 sq ft area converts into crop production, seed or plant propagation or specialty varieties.
The field and yard planter base model is a walk-around interior space with easy-reach access to over 25 bins.The base model can be expanded vertically to incorporate a second floor to create an additional grow space and rooftop access. The rooftop access enables plants to grow beyond and onto the exterior building rooftop located beside the planter thus adding much capacity made available by this secondary addition.

Silo Planter and Micro-Habitat Hybrid

Capacity building into small spaces. Designs that enable vertical advantages.

Vertical-Cubic Gardening: The ‘Silo-Garden Planter’ is ‘stand-up, step-up’ model and a new addition to our mobile micro-habitat greenhouse and ‘all-terrain’ planters.  The wrap around covering is a clear, thin-wrap that accepts overlay, clip-on wraps such as sunblock or insulation. A 100% ‘black-out’ wrap offers’ ideal mushroom cultivation. Adaptable indoors, outdoors, underground, rooftop, patio, brown-fields, terraces, ponds, wetlands and more.

It is a hexagonal shape, gazebo-style planter with adjustable bins located within the interior wall spaces. The walls have built-in, adjustable bins, 25 bin capacity. The second level is accessed by a unique feature, a spiral five-step rise to the upper level floor area where additional bins are located. This gives easy access to rooftop zones and allow for an additional garden capacity on the rooftop surface. An extension onto building rooftop is where plants can be directed towards to enable further garden capacity.